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ACF ANA O&M PeC DFAC 504 Renovations x2 Samangan- ANA O&M Samangan NAVC Facility Upgrades   MOI- ANP MOIHQ/NPCC-Access RD& Site Grading   MOI- ANP MOIHQ/NPCC-Access RD& Site Grading   Samangan- ANA O&M Samangan NAVC Facility Upgrades ANA O&M PeC DFAC 504 Renovations x2   MOI- ANP MOIHQ/NPCC-Access RD& Site Grading   ANA RUP PeC Garrison Upgrd ANA O&M PeC DFAC 504 Renovations x2   ANA RUP PeC Garrison Upgrd   ANA RUP PeC Garrison Upgrd   ANA RUP PeC Garrison Upgrd Women's Dormitories, Balkh University Women's Dormitories, Balkh University Hairatan- ANP BPC FD Class B @ Heratan Hairatan- ANP BPC FD Class B @ Heratan MOUT - ANA MOUT & CQB Training Range MOUT - ANA MOUT & CQB Training Range MOUT - ANA MOUT & CQB Training Range

Abdulhai Gardezi Construction Firm (ACF) was established in Kabul  in 2006 and has been involved in Construction industry and have implemented number of projects in infrastructure sector both horizontal and vertical structures.

We have completed numbers of USACE funded Design/Built and Site Adopt projects very successfully. We are expert in security buildings including security up-grade and protection.

ACF is highly reputable for its profound construction work and dynamic highly qualified Engineers at site and benefited and supported by experienced and innovative in house team of technical personnel and dedicated mangers and leaders therefore together we make it happen and this is the key behind all our successes.

ACF values integrity; our practices are honest and integral, our conduct is legal and highly ethical. Although we are motivated by a fair return on our all investments, we are always striving for win-win partnerships with customers who share our desire to design and build construction business that add value to the communities living in and humanity at large.

To this end, we are committed to effective communication, transparency and accountability. We will ensure that our customers receive real and measurable value from our experience working with Government Sectors as well as private sector.

 We focus on recruiting, developing and retaining employees with the skills and competencies required to maintain a dynamic corporate culture driven by the values of quality, innovation and safety. We then provide our people with the most effective tools and technologies required to further ensure our customers are completely satisfied with every stage of their working partnership with ACF.

ACF offer best value to construction services and by "Value" we means integrity, quality, safety, faster completion, quicker responses, better communication, hassle-free, problem-free and of course, competitive costs

We hope and believe that this path will lead us to the excellence that we vision for and achieve our objectives.


Abdulhai Gardezi Construction Firm (ACF) vision is to be the leader in construction industry in Afghanistan and thereafter among the construction leaders in the world


We go with modern management, dedicated engineering team, adopting unique construction methods, creative solutions and hard work to accomplish our mission.  ACF develops alliances with its customers to ensure their complete satisfaction with the entire design and construction experience. This not only means that ACF will deliver a high quality product, on time and on budget, but that customers will have complete confidence and peace of mind throughout the process of working with ACF, that all risks have been managed and all reasonable contingencies are planned for

Main Objectives

  • Attaining high levels of quality and timely delivery through professional staff and technical equipment.
  • To continue intensifying effective utilization of all available resources for securing the position of a thriving top construction firm with a steadily growing market value.
  • Through technical skill, construction knowledge and self-performance capability, we anticipate project challenges, develop solutions that meet clients' objectives and ultimately deliver award-winning projects.
  • Approach each project with a cooperative mindset, working with clients and subcontractors toward the common goal, “successful project delivery”.
  • To perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction services at fair and competitive prices
  • To ensure the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business achieved by total customer satisfaction with all aspects of our team and its services
  • To demand the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our supplier, subcontractor, vendor, employee and industry services relationships
  • To provide a safe workplace for our employees and contract employees with proactive safety and loss-prevention training and zero tolerance for omissions or negligence


ACF implemented Business Process Automation Software gateway in all departments and project offices.  We have achieved


  • Full integration of functional processes, departments and project offices
  • Real time management control and in time reporting system
  • Online Approval systems ensure the speed, accuracy and processing documents, payments etc through proper channel.
  • Decision are made real time with decision support system
  • Increased efficiency in information management, communication within and outside the organization including timely project delivery
  • Reduce cost of information management
  • Paperless office contributes our dedication towards GREEN community
  • Implementation ensured our standard operating procedure has been set in GATEWAY ERP by